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My Kadar experience was amazing!!! The workers and the orthodontists were very nice! I am extremely amazed at the amount of generosity that the workers and orthodontists gave and very well appreciated it! Thank you so much for an amazing first experience Kadar!!
Kallie Christy

My son, loved learning about Kadar and braces. He loved seeing how they take x-rays and he is excited to see a giraffe! I liked that Dr Kadar took the time at our consult to answer all of my questions, go into detail explaining what was and wasn't necessary and why. The staff was very friendly and knowledgable. The best part is that my son is excited to get his braces rather than dreading it!

I’ve had a very good experience with Kadar, the best I could ever expect. Their involvement through the entire process of getting my braces was always positive and helpful, allowing it to go very smoothly and with the best success, to where I am very happy with how my teeth look and feel as well as the time spent making sure of that. Even now that the entire process has been through with for some time, they still remain close to help with settling into using my retainers and keeping my teeth the way the braces set them. I couldn’t really think of any complaints!

I was extremely nervous to get braces, but Dr. Kadar and his staff have made my experience surprisingly easy and comfortable. My teeth have never looked better! I am looking forward to the finished product :)